• 5pm BST
  • 4pm UCT
  • 12am EST
  • 11am CST

ON-LINE WORKSHOP + FREE 'Change Makers' Book

Creativity + Purpose Workshop

Led by Creative Conscience founder Chrissy Levett, Award winning Creative Director, TEDx speaker, author, educator + mischief-maker.

Chrissy along with 49 other authors from around world are launching a "Change Makers” book at the end of May, designed to IGNITE + inspire positive behaviour change. Anyone joining the workshop will receive a FREE digital copy after the workshop is complete.


Creative Conscience have developed tools and practical actions to help you make positive change. This workshop will be showcasing amazing creative projects to inspire change in business and society.

Here's what to expect...

  • Discover new ways of using creativity to build social impact into your life, your team's and for your community
  • See examples of creative products, technology and services that put us on track for a better future
  • Be inspired to change your behaviour and those around you in a positive way
  • Take away tangible outcomes for making positive impact and staying creative and in action
  • Connect to each other and our network.

This workshop is designed to encourage connection and debate, places will be strictly limited to enable a productive session.